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Audiyo allows you to open a real-time map to browse current and upcoming live performances and parties. Stream performances in high-definition from the comfort of your home. Imagine a high-quality "Periscope", but with your favorite bands.

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For artists and music aficionados

The original concept of this app was to equally provide value for fans and musicians. Fans would be able to sync any music listening app: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud etc. to automatically populate the interface. You'd then be able to browse a map to see when and where that artist would be playing. You could purchase tickets or save concerts in app. This feature was also an opportunity for after hour locations to pop on on the app, since most go unannounced till the night of and you need the location asap.

Designing ux in mapbox

Since the map would be a primary view for the user experience, it was important to define the relevant information. A map focused on driving directions shows every detail of street information, this level of detail can be distracting for the experience in Audiyo. Instead we only displayed basic and necessary info of neighborhoods. This helped the visual overload of a standard map while still keeping the relevant information of each city.

Extending to live streaming

In addition to browsing the map for events, a feature was the ability to browse globally and preview performances. This provided partnership opportuinues for brands to support artists.

Professional quality audio

A flaw in live a performative stream is the quality of the audio. A solution to this was to test our sound board sync technology with a few venues in Los Angeles. The device would physically connect to the monitor output of the soundboard, and bluetooth sync live video recorded with the app.

Automatic interface value

Allowing the user to automatically sync thier music apps, we could populate thier profiles and maps with minimal effort. Pulling data from multiple event platforms such as Bandsintown, we were able to keep the data fresh on the app.

Launch & Marketing

During our fundraising we were able to connect with amazing arists. To promote the app and help new artists, we set up submissions to open for important shows around the country.

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